Charity Torch Relay

Charity Torch Relay is an inner relay activity to invite VEYS members, families and friends (age of 18 or more)  to make a donation to support our dream project, then pass the torch to the next member and so on. The charity torch will be handed from one member to another in the VEYS.  In race relay, one runner receives the torch from another and run for a certain number of distance, then pass the torch to another runner until the torch reaches the destination.  The charity torch relay is a bit different from the race relay; instead of receiving the torch, running, and passing, it is receiving the torch, adding more fuel to the torch and pass it to the next person.

It is easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Receiving the torch – open and read your invitation email,  then click on a secured token link in the email to accept the torch

2. Adding fuel to the torch – make a donation

3. Passing on the torch – invite your another members, friends, families by entering their name and email on the invitation page.  The activity allow you to pass it as many as you like.  The more is the better(*)

* The more is the better: we all know that one can’t make big different, unite with others we make a big different.  You might not be able to make a big amount of donation; however, by calling friends and inviting them to support this project, you eventually make more contribution than you think.  The system will keep tracks the total amount of all your friends, friends-of-friends, etc…branching from your friends, and so on.  This will be the most exciting and fun contribution activity you ever participate in life.

pyramid tree

We value all your contribution and effort.  No matter how big or small of the contribution, your heart and prayer are count.

Pray with us – Unite with us – Dream with us