Brick Campaign – November 7, 2014
On the occasion of Thanksgiving and preparation for Christmas, we are reminded not only to receive with gratitude but to also give. With the spirit of giving, the VEYM-USA invites all members, from Seedlings to Chaplains, and all families of the Movement, to contribute a brick to set our foundation. This generous act is not only a sacrifice, but also the responsibility of each family and each member who have benefited from their participation through the Movement… Read more: English Vietnamese

Thư Cảm Tạ Của Ban Vận Động – May 7, 2014
Thay mặt cho Ban Vận Động Gây Quỹ, con xin chân thành cảm tạ Đức Ông, quý Cha và toàn thể quý Vị đã hưởng ứng và ủng hộ hết mình trong buổi khai mạc chương trình gây quỹ để mua trụ sở chính cho Phong Trào… Đọc thêm

An Invitation – March 31, 2014
First and foremost, I would like to send a warm greeting to wish everyone good health, peace, and the love of the Holy Eucharist. As the Chairman of the Capital Campaign, appointed by our General Chaplain, I would like to present VEYS’ purpose and logistics regarding the plan to acquire a Central Headquarters facility for VEYS. Hopefully, after reading this letter, everyone will be receptive to the presentation and lend support to the Fundraising Campaign Committee… Read more: English Vietnamese

Letter of Appointment – February 13, 2014
In accordance with the spirit of the Finance Committee meeting of November 8, 2013 to launch a fundraising campaign for the purchasing of a Headquarter for VEYS in the U.S.A., I as General Chaplain, respectfully appoint the following members to the Fundraising Campaign Committee… Read more: English Vietnamese