Our Dreams

  1. A central headquarters to:10172729_10153968984375251_2589951380718120512_n Connect all Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) activities within the US to Eucharist Youth Movement worldwide.
    • Accommodate and provide facility space for leadership trainings, meetings and retreats.
    • Serve as the distribution center for all VEYM uniforms and resources.
    • Increase financial credibility, accept and manage contributions (real estate, retirement accounts, stocks …) to generate operation funds via endowment.
  2. An operational endowment to:
    • Invest in higher education by providing opportunities for Youth-Leaders to attend trainings, seminars and professional development; take appropriate action to address the changes in today’s society and; develop new curriculum for Youth-Leaders and youth members.
    • Offer scholarships to promote higher learning and to add credibility to future college admission applications.
    • Efficiently manage administrative affair responsibilities and  effectively communicate with all Chaplains, Regional Presidents, League of Chapters Presidents and Chapter Presidents.
    • Establish and maintain a student information system, web-based database and e-learning system.